Hand Me Downs
Words and Music by David Michael Miller

She promised to the jail yard,  not to lose another son,
And made him swear to heaven,  not to do what brother done,
But winter in the school yard,  he took hold his brother's gun.

Hand Me Downs

She promised to the graveyard, not to lose another son,
And made him swear to heaven, to run when trouble comes,
But winter in the school yard,  he stared down another's gun.

You can't catch it like a cold,
You can't steal it like chest of dead man's gold,                  
But if you leave it like an old debt, to be collected on a new bet                              
You'll just rehearse the same old curse until the day you grow old

Faith Hope & Love
Words and Music by David Michael Miller

Science our savior, bleeds volumes of data,
Soaked onto paper, don't make it clear.
More facts for the faxin, the numbers are taxin,
No time for relaxin this year.

Who knows where it goes, we don't see tomorrow
We'll never be told all the rules of this game
So when wisdom's broke and there's no more to borrow
Faith, Hope and Love still remain

The point of my ramblin, is knowing is gamblin,
Might leave you just standin with book in hand.
These rabbit holes widen, go deeper go slidin,
There's always more hiding from the eyes of man.  Chorus

Can you know your maker, like knowing your neighbor?
And who is your neighbor anyway?

Words and Music by David Michael Miller

Sometimes I feel like a tree, so bound by earth and gravity,
Grounded feet so very heavy I just can't reach the sun.
Sometimes I see me as a stone, stillborn in mountains shed below,
Left worn by wind and sliced by snow, a cold and lonely one.

I'm gonna rise above it all, I'm gonna fly,
Ain't no hand that can hold me down, My home ain't the ground,
I'm gonna rise above it all, I'm gonna fly, Ain't no rope that can keep me bound,
Ain't no hand can hold me down.

Sometimes I'm more like a tower, a place of steel and human power,
Braced to stand for years by hours, but never own the sky.  Chorus

What I feel just comes and goes as summer fires and winter snows,
But knowledge is as knowledge knows a deeper truth that goes and goes,
And spins despite my will to plant my feet on something firm but I can't,
Peel its skin to see it bleed only crack the fruit to plant the seed,
Of hope and hope will grow wings, hope will grow wings.
by David Michael Miller

Cracked like a vase and brittle as clay,
And dry autumn leaves and memories of days,
Thin as spring ice and paper mache,
You recklessly play and run by the freeway signs,
Blinded eyes to danger that's crossing the lanes.

So Careless, fragile as you are wild
You're so Careless, for such a breakable smile.

You run to a ledge, but only to leap,
Often to find, its only too steep,
Still you're surprised as you fall in a heap,
Bloodied, you creep, you crawl to another cliff,
Soar and stiff to throw yourself off again.

There you go  Chorus

by David Michael Miller

At the end of the day, It's safe to say,
He's led an ordinary life,
Hero by day, Villain by night,
One foot in shadow, One in light.

So torn at the seam, So often he's screamed,
Thinking with ordinary thoughts,
Some are like dreams, Faded and lost,
Some were redeemed, And some have cost,

Regret on his lips, The poisons he sipped,
Breathing with ordinary lungs,
I fell 'til he tripped, And swallowed his tongue,
And mouths full of praises, Only stung,

And brought to his knees, With petitions and pleas,
Touching with ordinary hands,
Till all that you see, Is all that still stands,
Simply an ordinary man.

Who will save him now?
He's not what he means, and he's not who he wants to be,
Who will save him now?
As only a savior can.

The way that she loves, The man that she sees,
Is something extraordinary,
The way that she loves, The man that she sees,
Is something extraordinary.